Aww Yeah

In today’s unangebracht freude news category, I was delighted to see that at some point in the lazy April 1st afternoon – amidst increasingly bored exposing of April Fools Day jokes – Edpool had made the big time.


Okay, maybe ‘big’ isn’t the word I’m looking for.

Anyway, it was exciting for a minute, and not just for Edpool’s sake. After tweeting this admittedly not-very-complimentary review to Mr. Reynolds, I wasn’t really expecting a response, if indeed you can call a retweet a response. But the fact that he did it means a) that he read my flippant tweet-summary and still retweeted; b) that he probably read at least some of my extended wall-of-text review and still retweeted; c) that he has a bit of a sense of humour and can take a bit of gentle criticism, which is something a lot of less secure artists just don’t have going for them. Good for you, Mr. Reynolds!

It’s not big news. But it made my day.

Don't care. Got RT'd.


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3 Responses to Aww Yeah

  1. JonathanBloom says:

    Well done, sir!

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