Local group ruins environment, makes small adorable children sad. Literally.

We went to this event on the weekend. It was mostly fun, lots of enjoyable stuff for Little Miss Hatboy to do and freebies galore from Atria, Innocent drinks, Kidibul, Oolannin and many more. A really smart idea for various companies and organisations to get public opinion on their side. Many of them, of course, we already knew about – like Huimala, who were a crowd-pleaser with a great big bouncy castle obstacle dash and slide-thingy. Brilliant. Have a bit of free advertising, all of you.

It was hilarious to watch Little Miss Hatboy play a spot of rugby with the Helsinki Rugby Club, and although I didn’t get a photo of her holding up a hula hoop for the little boys to jump through in the foam-building-blocks play area, I think it is an image that will stay with me. You don’t often get to see such a perfect metaphor for life – you’re either the person holding the hoops, or you’re the one jumping through them. No surprises as to which one Little Miss Hatboy has chosen.

However, one group did cast a pall on the whole day. I’m not even going to mention their name because I don’t want them to get even negative publicity.

Now, Little Miss Hatboy is three-and-a-half years old, and there were balloons all over the place. She decided she wanted one, and she was pretty nice about it so I went to this particular group who had masses of helium balloons decorating their stand. They said no, we can’t give them out. I shrugged, and said okay.

Later, when things were closing up and these guys were packing up their stall, I went back and asked if maybe I could get a balloon now. They said no, they can’t. I asked why the Hell, you’re packing up. They said no.

Then they started popping the balloons.

They popped them, with a knife, while a three-and-a-half-year-old girl stood and stared in disbelief. I shouted at them, “why pop them, we’ll take one,” and they said “we can’t, they’ll float up into the roof and we won’t be able to get them down, the people who rented us the arena will complain.” And yeah, sure enough there were a couple of balloons up there in the ceiling. So fucking what, right? I told them, “but we’re leaving right now, we’re not going to drop the balloon, we’ll take it home.”

“Sorry,” pop, pop, pop, pop.

Now it all ended alright, Little Miss Hatboy got a balloon – the nice girls at the Chupa Chups stall climbed up onto their display and got one for her – but I was still left furious at these other pricks who I am not naming. I mean, quite aside from the meanness, it’s just stupid. To avoid the “littering” of a couple of balloons in the ceiling – which would either pop and come down, or deflate and come down, and be easily disposed of either way – they decided to pop every single one of them and throw them in a landfill? Really?

Screw you, that’s disgraceful. You deserve to go out of business.

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8 Responses to Local group ruins environment, makes small adorable children sad. Literally.

  1. stchucky says:

    And I know, the balloons probably end up being litter no matter where they go and what they do, so there’s no winning this … but surely a balloon with an advertisement on it has one function, and that is to be seen and shared, before becoming litter. And giving the balloons away for people to see and share achieves this, while just throwing them all away sight unseen has all of the drawbacks, and none of the (dubious) benefits? Help me out, hippies. Why did they go to all the expense of making these huge bunches of balloons, when they could have just written their name on a piece of paper and hung it up? Or had balloons on sticks, like the Chupa Chups guys, so they could just fill them with normal air and give them away as free adverts instead of popping them three hours after filling them? Fucking Hell.

  2. OMG, those people were literally Grew from “Despicable Me”! Adorable movie BTW, just saw it this weekend for family-movie-and-dinner night. Have you seen it? Not to spoil, (come on it’s the first scene) but in his first appearance, a little boy is crying on the sidewalk over dropped ice cream. So, Grew does this “wait one second” gesture, and blows up one of those long balloons, then does the whole turn-around-to-be-mysterious-to-kid thing and comes back after a bit with a doggy balloon!

    Gives it to the kid, happy kid again, then Grew’s hand comes over with a needle and POP! Waaaaaa!

    Awesome. Except when you literally have assholes doing that in real life. Geezus.

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