Pan’s Labyrinth

Every month at work, the entertainment club sponsors us for a night at the movies, whereby if enough people sign up to go and see it, the club pays half the ticket cost (non-employee partners pay full price).
This month, it was a choice between V2 and Pan’s Labyrinth, and it was a landslide in favour of the latter. Then, when the time came to sign up to go and see the movie, hardly anybody signed up and so we didn’t get our sponsorship. So I thought screw it, Janica and I will go anyway. And so we did.
This was a great movie. The people who didn’t sign up for it really missed out on something here. And people who decide not to see it just because it’s in Spanish are missing out too. Heck, I went to see it in Spanish, with Finnish subtitles! Some of it I didn’t get, but most of it made sense. So don’t be daunted by the scary foreignness. Go and see it. No, now. Get up and walk out of the house or office or wherever, and go see it.
I wasn’t sure what to expect with this movie, it is horrific in places and the fantasy element is strong, with some nice BSTs and CGI. But whatever I was expecting, I got something else. This is a real fantasy movie, and makes Eragon look very ordinary in comparison. Mind you, that’s not saying much. But the storyline of the little girl’s adventures as she attempts to fulfill the Faun’s demands and win herself passage to Fairyland takes a back seat to the real-world storyline of war, rebels and Fascists, with all-too-real monsters and terrifying situations from which the little girl wishes to escape.
I can’t really say much about this movie, without spoiling it, so I’ll just say that more American directors should take a look at this film, and learn something about how to create a plot, and characters, and drama. A character doesn’t have to be good or bad. And a bad character doesn’t need to wear a black robe and say "Moo ha ha". Sometimes, real evil is a bit too close to home, and it’s almost a relief to skip from the real world scenes to the Fairyland scenes, where there’s something much nicer, like a giant albino baby-eating thing with eyes in its hands, to take your mind off the nastiness.
They could learn something about ending a damn story, too.
A truly great movie. What are you still doing here?
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3 Responses to Pan’s Labyrinth

  1. Frisi says:

    you know i want to see that one, right?

  2. Hatboy says:

    Of course, old son. I’d think less of you if you didn’t.
    Well worth a look. Even if it’s me who’s saying it.

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