Inappropriate Joy

I have a new rig!!

Well, not that exciting, perhaps, but it is to me, because I have become a fully-fledged technical writer in the past … *counts* … five months, and now even the smallest and most trivial of nerdy things can make me extremely happy. I call it unangebracht freude, or inappropriate joy.

So anyway. We recently lost the youngest technical writer we had, he went back to university, so now his computer is just sitting around not being used. So we decided that, since his computer had the programs and licences that my rig lacked, and was making my job a bit more annoying, I should move over and take his spot. Then the new girl can move over and take my old spot, because my old rig is a lot faster than the one she got landed with for the crime of arriving a few weeks too late. So everybody is happy, and the tech support guys still get to take away a computer for "recycling", whatever that means. They were really itching to do it, so it must be fun (this is, I believe, their way of achieving unangebracht freude of their own). Anyway, they can take the old busted slow-ass rig, and leave us with sprightly wonders of processing might.

Say it with me: unangebracht freude!

You should also find attached here a photograph sent to me by a fellow technical writer. In it, a large number of technical writers are going on a field trip somewhere. You can tell.

Additional: My new workstation also has a window. It looks into the open space in the middle of the building, and across from me I can see the offices in the other wing, but the middle of the building is all glass so it’s almost as good as having a window that looks outside. Better, actually, because I don’t have to look out at regular plebs, just wholesome *okia employees and clean steel pylons. However, there is a lot of glass and sun and nothing between me and it, like good solid faux-pine cubicle panelling. The result is what I call ungewohnt tageslicht, or unaccustomed daylight.

But enough of this unnötig deutschsprachig. Here’s that photo.

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