Write Technically, Me Hearties, Yo Ho

So I have finally been moved from my quiet little office with three people in it, to the bustling hubbub of a great big No*ia office with about a hundred people in it. And that’s just in my cubicle. It’s like one of those frat pranks where they cram guys into a phone booth. Except I have no phone.

Very nice place, though. Now, it seems, the work begins in earnest.

I was told recently that for a person who claims to be a lazy slob, I actually do a lot more work than your average slob. See how good I am? It’s a cunning deception. The trick is to sound busy when you’re really not. Of course, working at the steel mill it was easy. Just put on an overall, pick up a lump of metal, and walk around looking vaguely distressed, but not so distressed that somebody will ask you, "hei kaveri, miksi sullon pitkä naama?".

Here, it’s a different set of skills but essentially the same. Not many people can tell the difference between an Email and a technical document, if all you hear are typing noises. And it’s very easy to wander around looking distressed, if you don’t have any idea what it is you’re meant to be writing about. And nobody asks you about your naama, because everybody is too busy.

On the other hand, I’m typing a lot more now, and most of it isn’t Emails. I’m earning my pay here. And earning my lunch – N*kia has a superb tex-mex buffet in the cafe.

Word to the wise: looking distressed works!

Word to the stupid: pickle.

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