Friday, Sometime in the 21st Century

So I’m giving up, and writing a blog.

I don’t really know why, except it’s Friday afternoon and I’ve gotten just about all the work done that I’m going to, and I still have a half-hour or so to kill. I’m not angst-ridden or deviant or anything interesting like that, so my blog isn’t going to be entertaining.

I’m pretty new at this job. I was a factory monkey and now I am a technical writer. I’m writing technical documents for stuff, but I signed a nondisclosure agreement so I can’t actually say what sort of stuff. That might sound a little bit interesting, but it really isn’t.

I’m happy to have this job. It’s a good job, nice place, friendly people. It’s a very quiet office, because most of the people who work here actually don’t work in this office, they work in other offices. And in case you think I’m just typing a whole lot of boring stuff to get rid of the riff-raff, and as soon as they’re gone I’ll look theatrically from side to side and then start telling you, the patient reader who has stuck with me for literally paragraphs on end, a whole lot of nasty exciting stuff…

That’s really not what’s happening here.

See? This is the end of the entry, and nothing remotely interesting happened.

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10 Responses to Friday, Sometime in the 21st Century

  1. Aaron the Time-Traveling Patriot says:

    BEHOLD! On this, Christmas Day of 2015, the Final Day of Hatboy’s Hatstand, I do renounce my apostacy and embrace the loving and benevolent wisdom of Hatboy Who Is My God, and in doing so gain mastery over All Of Time And Space And Also Capitalization.

    For so it is that on the Final Day and in the Final Post, Hatboy did bequeath unto His most humble servant the power to walk through the mists of time, of which He is and ever shall be owner.

    I do so to tell you these Truths: That I am, and ever was, a sinner of the darkest kind; that all my words of defiance and unbelief on these web pages have been naught but foul deceptions[1]; and on this, the Final Day of Hatboy’s Hatstand, I travel here to the very beginning that I might be the humble instrument of Hatboy Who Is My God, and avert the coming Blogopalypse.

    [1] Particularly that time I said “I refuse to submit to the authority of the god of the hatstand. I’m an atheist, and dreameling and I will throw off these chains or be vaporized trying.” Boy, is My Face Red.

    As Hatboy and Creepy are my witnesses, I remain,



    Make sense that I do my code testing on the first post ever.

    I wonder what a blockquote looks like:

    I’m a blockquote

    I’m a blockquote with something called cite.

    I’m a cite, baby. Don’t know what that is, but still lovin’ it.

    And I'm code. I'm sure to stand out.

    I'm a pre, which probably means that

    my line breaks

    and my spacing

    match exactly what was written.

    I’m a del. No clue what that is yet.

    I’m a del with datetime. No clue what that is yet.



    Q for Quotation, I think.

    Q with another of them cites.

    Strike me down and I shall become even more powerful.


  2. dreameling says:

    Let’s try a blockquote within a blockquote:

    blockquote within blockquote


  3. dreameling says:

    Testing again:

    blockquote tag with angle brackets

    Because who wants to embarrass themselves in an actual reply?

  4. dreameling says:

    (Sssh. Testing. X < Z.)

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