Be still my beating heart

My good pal Robert “General Moral Decay (Alcohol)” E shared this with me yesterday evening.

Oh my.

As I recall, this is a story not from one of the main Discworld books, but a Discworld short story that Pratchett wrote for one of the Legends anthologies. But damn, it looks perfect. I’ve gotten used to a certain amount of low-budget make-doery from the Discworld adaptations, so seeing this was pretty exciting. Cohen straight out of the pages of The Last Hero.

Can’t wait.

In other news, I played Zelda until quarter to twelve last night. That’s not particularly late for a gamer, I know. Or rather it’s not late for a selfish gamer who doesn’t have overtime hours to attempt to recover at work.

You can probably stop expecting Greyblade on any reasonable timetable. I still didn’t start the count on that one and this is pretty much why.

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Quick afternoon funny

Actually drove to work today, so legally I was unable to blog-write. Dropped Toop at daycare and left work earlyish to pick my cousin-in-law up from the dentist.

Boy am I sick of dentists. I may have to vent later.

Mrs. Hatboy is going to see the new Han Solo movie tonight, so the girls and I will be eating nachos and playing Zelda for the evening.

Nothing much to add for today. Stay tuned for funny.


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Deadpoo Tool

Just as well I’m quitting with the Deadpool stuff before it gets silly.

Alright, so I saw it again last night and while my time and words are still limited, I guess I can still say something about it.

On second viewing, I’ve decided this is better than the first movie. Especially considering that a sequel is not meant to be that good. Yeah, there was a lot of rehashing, but it was done right.

The jokes, the violence, the heart were – like Cable’s gun – dialled up to eleven. The back-filled plot and exposition were neater, a single story-in-story that was capped with an “all caught up” as traditional. While some of the beats were maybe a little over-repeated, I did enjoy them.

The cameos, the easter eggs, the pop culture references, and the characters themselves were simply amazing. They did everything right – and yes, that included killing pretty much the entire X-Force in a single hilarious skydiving incident. And the post-credits scenes were nothing short of perfection.

Cable was great, and Domino was better. Negasonic and Yukio were adorable, and if under-utilised at least it was for a good reason. Bandhu and Weasel were classic, such a shame T.J. has apparently lost his shit and won’t be back. He reparteed good. And newcomer “Russell” was very good. Great job.

The sentimental scenes, the visuals and the soundtrack, the moral of the story, and the resolution, were all crafted beautifully. I foresee complaints about the time-slider undoing a lot of the emotional impact of the movie, but it didn’t really work that way for me. Okay, I was a bit disappointed in the same way I’m pre-disappointed that the Avengers will undo all those deaths, inevitably. By the same token, I’m used to the idea now. Also, I’ve been waiting for Wade’s girlfriend to die since day one since that’s one of the main triggers of his madness and antiheroism in the comics. The only disappointing part of her coming back was that they didn’t (so far) replace her with Death. But his search for death was the same, and apparently they’re not doing it that way in the movies, for Deadpool or Thanos.

So, all good. Vanessa gets to come back, and the death scene – and all the usually-waffly visions that accompanied it – was amazing. The Take On Me reference, as Wade is pulled through the barrier, made me even-almoster cry the second time around.

Brilliant. Just brilliant. If I had the time and cash, I’d go again. I wish it would stay in cinemas long enough for me to go and see it with my dad (and that’s really saying something), if only because Laurie, the only friend he had who’d go to these movies with him, is dead now.

There’s a lot more to unpack here, like what changes he’s made in the timeline by “repairing” it. And what it means that we have this alternate Colossus and alternate Juggernaut in the known post-Apocalypse continuity now. Because this movie was canonically fitted into the new X-Men Dark Phoenix era.

But I’m almost at work, so let’s take all that to the comments. Just be warned that there will be SPOILERS there that I will not be spoilertexing.

Go see the movie!

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Deadpool Too

Off to see it again this afternoon.


That’s about all.

Oh, and in other news, I got an MMS from my glorious smartarse of a brother-in-law in Australia yesterday. Some fifteen years back, when he turned forty, I made him a T-shirt reading “I’m 40, so STFU.”

Yesterday, he got into it and sent me a photo.


Glorious smartarse.

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40th Birthday Report: Horns

What might have been an otherwise average party was elevated to true magnificence by my wonderful family and friends. This was a true triumph.

An ambitious plan and extended guest list (although maybe not quite so large as the Festival of the Horn 2008, due to numerous cancellations and assorted complications) made things challenging, but our experience in arranging Bar Äijä’s parties really paid off.

Where to start?

The weather was glorious. We’d made a lot of arrangements and thrown a lot into the catering – burritos and fillings for 50 people, give or take – but there was still a ton to do on the day. Tents up, tables and chairs set out, and so on. But that’s just boring logistics.


Checklist: OK.

A couple of days before the party, I joked to my traditionally-unlucky-at-hunting lanttumies[1] that while we technically had food for all, it would be great if he shot us a roe deer to roast up. He said he’d do it Thursday. And he did.

[1] No, it’s lanttumies.

So we had a roe buck on a spit to add to our burrito feast.


Oh fuck yes.

The crowd was excellent as ever, drinks flowed freely, and the food was perfectly done. Special kudos, aside from the Hunting God Vuta[2], must go to Linza for cooking up and seasoning the burrito mince. And of course Mrs. Hatboy for dealing with basically everything else, from the veggies to the general socialising while I was stuck behind the bar tending to the usual crowd of Bar Äijä’s barflies.

[2] I assume he kept the deer’s head and horns for which this report is named, which is only fair: it arrived at our house headless.

It was excellent to see so many old faces reprising their roles from my 30th birthday. Mr. Fahrenheit, DJ Kalakukkos (his work of art of a birthday card, with essential additions by Anu-Riikka, was a thing to behold), Pia, and of course the indispensable Lars. Brendan turned up with Jenny to represent the Old Guard, which was brilliant. And many others, newcomers over the past ten years as well as Festival of the Horn alumni, who I have neglected to mention.

It was of course grand to see Mr. dreameling again (a far too infrequent guest), and his inadvertent invention of the Triggered Snowflake (Bailey’s Irish cream, Malibu coconut liqueur, strawberry ice cream liqueur of questionable age and provenance, and milk) was highly entertaining. His accidental White Russianing of Heikki’s crotch is one of many things I’m sorry I missed.

More kudos must also go to Kristiina, who worked hard until about 01:30am to read and deliver editorial notes on The First Feast by deadline. She didn’t need to do it, but she did it.

I also want to thank everyone who pitched in for my Gigantti gift card, my Fantasiapelit gift card and – at last – my Nintendo Switch and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ve wanted a Zelda setup of my very own for so many years, now I have closure on it I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Play, I guess. At least now my ridiculous collection of Zelda merchandise is accompanied by an actual game.

All in all, a grand night was had by all. I understand Mrs. BRKN in particular had a good time even though I rarely saw her in the bar. I think she was getting her wine from an outside bag, it was hard to keep track with such a widespread party area. Still, she didn’t drink the skull-full of gin and a dash of tonic I made for her (even more Russian than the five or six Extremely Russian White Russians I made for Heikki), so that was probably for the best.

Great night. I’ll make another report with some additional photos soon. Until then, thank you all for simply being.



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Party time!

Just a quick post today, preparations are underway for the birthday bash and we’re lying in bed resting up for the event. Then there will be cleaning and carrying and just a whole lot of bustle. Bustle. Who needs it?


And a mess of tortillas and fillings to prepare before anyone can sit at this table.

Still, weather looks nice and it should be a fun day.

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What you got for me, Internet?

No time, as usual. Was out late with Wump and Toop having dinner and buying groceries for Saturday[1], now we have enough tortilla wraps and fillings to feed a small army. And we’re still not done! Oh we’re just getting started.

[1] I was already destroyed by my rummy night the night before and the midnight wake-up, and Toop decided to start the excursion off by slamming her finger in the car door. Nothing seems to be broken, luckily her fingers are tiny and squishy. But I regret that I lost my shit at both kids and the general miscon-fucking-ception that car doors are goddamn toys.

But for today, I have nothing. Not even a blast of Internet outrage about Israel or Childish Gambino … although I do have a bit to say about incels just as soon as I can gather up the spoons to give even the slightest shit about them. And I suppose I still have a measured and rational explanation of my dislike for Batman due.

I saw that GQ slammed Vanity Fair, worth a repost:


Comedy gold right there. If you missed the story about Vanity Fair photoshop-failing extra hands and legs onto their cover ladies, go Google that shit.

That’s all from me for today. More cleaning up and preparation to do today. And the weather may be turning, which is just typical after a week of scorching 25-30°C temperatures. Let’s see if it buckets and thunders tomorrow.

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