I know. I’m behind on all my correspondence and I’m basically a mess. Don’t worry, if I was actually going to stop talking to any of you, I would have paradoxically said something directly by now. I just have no time for anything.

On the plus side, I’m almost finished. Almost.


Speaking of almost finished … I think I just died.
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Man, by Steve Cutts

This is one of the most perfect summaries of the human condition, not to mention a conclusion that tickles me for very obvious reasons. I may have posted it before but it bears repeating.

Not for the easily depressed.

Full credit to (as far as my research shows) Steve Cutts for the original animation.

Now, for contrast and to cheer you up, here’s a look at the future you should also find familiar. Another repost but worth it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Today the #MeToo hashtag and social media phenomenon found its way onto my newsfeeds and friends’ pages.

I have few words in this case. And they all hurt.

#MeToo is a stark and simple way for anyone who has been the victim of sexual harrassment or assault to say so, and in the process illustrate just how utterly, utterly prevalent it is. Everywhere.

I’m heartbroken by the number of friends and family I’ve seen reposting this message, and equally heartbroken by how completely unsurprising it is to see.

Because I knew.

I knew all along. And I’m sorry for being part of the silence.

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Bad Moo Rising

[lazy copy-paste from Facebook, with added notes]

Thank you all again for an excellent night! We cracked on until almost 04:00am and my voice is completely gone, but much fun was had. Hope everyone got home in one piece and nobody feels too bad.

Special congratulations to Kristiina and Christina for their great performance in the pub quiz, and kudos to Kristiina for so generously allowing Christina to take the prize even though they should rightfully have split it. Further care must be taken in future for ties, as well as the Lowest Scoring Eejit Participation Medal. Just remember, the difference between victory and defeat can be as small as a drawing of Mister Goggles.


This event’s fabulous prize, even though Bad Cow isn’t officially done yet. Knife and Kindle not included.

And of course a huge thank you to Ilja for his great music and excellent company as always. It was a grand night, and excellent atmosphere and apparently it was also Bar Äijä’s 4th birthday, which is nice.

My regrets to those who couldn’t make it and to those who may or may not have over-imbibed in the course of the evening, and may as a result have been carried home, slept with their heads on dirty laundry, have hangovers, and so on. Just for example.

It was a night of terrible drywhistle, and many a whistle needed to be wet. It was also a night of testing for the new Bar Äijä’s Chromecast music system, but apparently we’re going to need a new WiFi router to make it work properly. But it’s progress!


Pictured: Progress.

Thanks again to you all.

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Random thoughts for a Saturday

I have no time this weekend, so grabbing a second to write some notes. I’ll also try to write a book, maybe Sunday.

Went out Friday night, into Porvoo with the work gang. Hit a pub, a restaurant, a pub, then took the Onnibus home.

Tonight, of course, we have the Bad Moo Rising party, even though there’s no book yet. We’ve hired the musician so there’s no going back.

I’ve had the ol’ lurgy for the past couple of days. Hoping to sleep it off, since I was stupid and tried to write through it on Thursday night. That didn’t work out and I still have no book to show for it.

Final thought: Anyone who doesn’t like the porgs in the new Star Wars movie is a joyless old misery guts with no childhood wonder or magic left in them. They have my pity.

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A timely reminder

With only a couple of weeks left in October, I’d like to send a timely reminder to anyone in Australia who might be hesitating over this, and make sure my close-knit cadre of regular readers are in the loop.

New Zealand – yes, that New Zealand – has come out with a dire warning of things to come if Australia follows in their footsteps on same-sex marriage. I mean, follows way, way behind in their footsteps. And in the footsteps of the USA.

You know the USA. They’re the ones who have Nazi rallies instead of universal health care. Those guys.

Anyway yeah. Learn from New Zealand!

Yeah but no seriously, it’s a joke. Turns out they’re fine. Get your shit together Australia, I’m going to be making an inspection visit on the 24th of December and I’m going to be deciding who’s naughty and who’s nice.

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Work work work edit work work (sleep) work work

Something like that. Busy as Hell. And you know Hell’s busy.

Still hoping to get the main edits done this week. I’ve written the majority of the necessary additional chapters called for, and the rest really just needs to be cut. So it should be doable.

Back to work.

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