1800 posts, 1000 tweets, and signing off for the summer

As promised, I’m going to take a bit of a break for the next four weeks. I’ll blog up anything that strikes me as super important or inspiring (can’t promise my work on incels, Batman, or Boonie the weasel’s back-story will feature, but who knows?), but in the meantime I’m gonna be busy doing nothin’. Also, hopefully, writing Greyblade at last.

In the meantime, this is my 1,800th blog post, and I’m going to go out in style with a celebratory tweetstorm I was rather proud of in celebration of 1,000 (and then some) Edpool tweets.

Gaaaaahh complete with typo…

Never say I don’t give and give to you people.

Have a great midsummer, northern hemisphere. Hang in there, southern hemisphere. Wipe that smarmy smirk off your face, flat-Earthers.


– posted from my Huawei mobile  phone while in carpark; tweets composed during coffee and lunch breaks.

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The First Feast: A Retrospective

I’m winding down to my summer hiatus and am going to be busy at work and getting my parents settled in Bar Äijä’s for the next couple of days, so here’s a quick retrospective on the second-to-last Bar Äijä’s bash: The Potluck Feast, The First Feast book release party.

It happened fairly prematurely since the book is only just finished and ready to read, but it was nevertheless a fun little party.


We even held a pub quiz, as is traditional. As I mentioned in a previous post, Mrs. Hatboy and I made an amazing little Tabo Norid as a prize. I also included a freeform artwork section this time around, because I was tired of trying to do maths while heinously drunk. For the record, I’m never going to try to do join-the-matched-pairs again, because there were just too many smartarse answers and figuring out which ones were right and wrong was just impossible.

Anyway, here’s some art.


Some of it, like this wrong-on-every-level version of the Astro Tramp 400 by someone who marked their quiz with a V (possibly cousin-in-law Wille), was just abysmal. Although the “kirkkovene” motif did sort of look like the Tramp and was repeated in several other submissions.


The drawing of Contro, complete with daffy look and warm cardigan, by my esteemed friend and official Bar Äijä’s minstrel Ilja Jalkanen, was excellent. Of course I think Contro is a bit rounder of head than this, but it’s very good.


The Pas drew a picture of Janus “Whey”, complete with nuclear explosions, double-middle-finger, flying / ejaculating penises and a failed swastika with the words “Hale Hortler”, because The Pas.


But the runaway winner of this part of the quiz was my good pal Mikko, who knocked it out of the park with a glorious Rakmanmorion, Conqueror of Space. And an adorabubble aki’Drednanth pup. Slightly overdeveloped tusks but she might be a little older here.

posted from my Huawei mobile phone while sitting in car at home in carport before leaving for work.

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Today I Learned

…that the early-’90s Lambert classic, Fortress, was set in a dystopian 2017 where AI prisons and draconian one-child breeding policies had been set in place to control the population.

We have once again dropped the ball and disappointed the visionaries of yesteryear. I feel I should apologise to anyone trying to make predictions about shit less than 50 years in the future. We’re not the species you’re looking for.

– posted from my Huawei mobile phone while on my lunch break, sorry no time for anything else today.

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Solo and the new Star Wars era

The following blog post, amalgamated from a fascinating Facebook conversation I lurked through on my esteemed associate Ilya’s wall, as well as another article and discussion I nabbed from my other esteemed associate M. “Cat Protocol” A.’s wall, requires very little in the way of Star Wars familiarity but quite a bit of time and willpower to do some reading.

Apparently the Star Wars fandom is now very neatly divided over whether or not Disney / The Last Jedi / someone called Kathleen Kennedy has destroyed Star Wars forever and also retroactively into the past which as we all know is absolutely a thing that can happen.

Now of course I automatically discounted this whole idea as absolute bullshit of the lowest possible grade, because whiny little buttweasels have been crying about their favourite things being “ruined” ever since the second thing was made (ruining the first thing, which I believe was the concept of banging a rock on stuff). Although yeah, banging a rock on living things really did sort of ruin the concept of banging a rock on stuff forever, so maybe that was a bad example.

Still, fast-forward a few tens of thousands of years to the arrival and surprising flop (read with as many grains of salt as required) of Solo. The conversation has continued and the probably-not-half-but-certainly-noisy-so-that’s-something segment of the Star Wars geek community has used the movie and its reception as further proof of the franchise having been murdered back in time like Disney is some kind of balefire-wielding Asha’man in Mickey Mouse ears (you’re welcome, literally three people who just got that reference).

This article outlines why maybe the aforementioned case isn’t the case.

This article talks more about the horrible world you might find yourself falling into if you really start talking about Star Wars movies in detail, to anybody. Or talking about anything that has a grimy little fanboy base, really. It’s well worth a read. “Long-standing franchises (like Star Wars) often carry modern political baggage by nature of being made in earlier eras when men, white people, straight people, etc. were even more socially privileged, and thus overrepresented in media,” KR&I’s Rachel Aparicio, a media studies scholar, told Observer. “Newer iterations of these franchises have often responded to those critiques by being somewhat more inclusive. However, this leads to the (arguably correct) perception that modern media is responding to a social justice agenda. This has made popular culture a lightning rod for conservatives—particularly conservative, white men—who see this process as symbolic of their (perceived) lessening of social and political power.” Spot on as far as I can see.

This article is an amusing look into the festering mind of an aging Star Wars fanboy who just plain doesn’t like The Gays. And it brought another author named Chuck to my attention, and that ain’t nothin’. I will have to look into his stuff.

So. There we have it.

Now I admit to not being particularly invested in this. I have seen Deadpool 2 twice, and plan on seeing it a third time, rather than going to see Solo, although I would still like to see Solo too if the opportunity arises and that opportunity isn’t stuffed groaningly, borderline-pornographically full with Deadpool 2. So put some of the box office blame on me, if you are one of the “a vote for a third party steals votes from the main contender and aids the enemy main contender” psychology group. Seems to me that Solo just wasn’t a main contender this time. But whatever, nerds.

I can’t say why I’m not interested. The movie looks fun. I’ve been told by basically every trusted and respected source I have at my disposal that it’s worth seeing. I didn’t hate The Last Jedi. I don’t love the old Han Solo with the nostalgic yearning and adoration of an Eighties Kid. And yet … I’m just not interested in this one.

Part of it is that I have little time or money right now, and absolutely love Deadpool, so what am I gonna do – not see Deadpool 2 a bunch of times? *Geeksnort* to that laughable idea. I’m gonna do what I want, which is my right as a consumer. That leaves no time or money for runner-up summer blockbusters. It’s just that simple.

Do I think Star Wars is dying? Oh Hell no (to quote the Ghost of Summer Blockbusters Past).

Do I think the “problems” can be laid at the feet of Disney, Kennedy, The Last Jedi or shitty fanboys? Meh. Probably most of them belong somewhere there, yeah. Apportion blame as you consider appropriate. That’s all I’ve got time for today.

It didn’t seem like much effort went into Solo getting a good reception, that’s all – but I’m still burned up over John Carter so take your marketing and your hype and ship it to Barsoom using my tears as fuel.

Seems like a measured response from RussianBot-497. And SithLordLukeSkywalker, for that matter.


Posted from my Huawei mobile phone while sitting in my car in the carpark after work.

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Funday (mini Zelda review, and other goodies)

Today I stayed at home until about 11, watching Wump and Toop and one of the daycare kids while Mrs. Hatboy went to a job interview. Normally of course, anoppi would be doing the daycare thing but she was on a little break today.

Anyway, it was all good. I slept in, I put a bunch of toys and a box of strawberries in front of the kids, and I played Zelda: Breath of the Wild for an hour or two.

It’s a really good game. I’m starting to get used to the controls and once I do that, I think I will enjoy it more than The Wind Waker, which in turn I enjoyed more than The Ocarina of Time (lo all those many years ago). The setting and gameplay is amazing, the maps are enormous, and the whole thing is just flawless.

There’s really only one part I would change in the whole thing right now. And that’s the tips and tricks that pop up on the loading screen.

They’re great – well worth a read and I wouldn’t actually change them – but they’re not random. Specifically, if you are in a part where you are fighting and dying a few times, they just repeat the same two tips over and over again: pointless tips about preparing for a fight. Yes, they’re useful tips, but if you already know them and are already following them, it just makes the frustration of getting killed and starting over that much more annoying. I’d rather read random unrelated tips, to be honest.

Other than that very minor complaint, I’m loving it. And so’s Wump.

In other news, the first review for The First Feast came in, and it’s a good one! And from someone I don’t even know! Always nice to see things off to a good start. Thank you kindly, Malthiar.

posted from my Huawei mobile phone while sitting in the carpark, on account of no longer commuting by bus on this last week of work because Mrs. Hatboy is on vacation already.

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Wump finished first grade on Friday, and got her report (which was excellent) and a stipend for being a social and hardworking student. I’ll leave out the unseemly dad-pride and just say she was very happy, and is now enjoying her first summer holiday.

My god-daughter-in-law Karoliina also graduated, getting the famous Finnish hat of graduation. We had a party at the neighbours’ place (get this, she’s our neighbour as well as Mrs. Hatboy’s cousin and her god-daughter) and it was most excellent.

Today, cleaning up. And also Zelda.

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Weekend update

Graduation party today, possibly the last of “this” generation – next up, the Wump and Toop generation! Better start getting ready now.

Deadpool Monopoly was fun (you know, for Monopoly). Mrs. BRKN mopped the board with us mercilessly, but I at least managed to concur with the “game over” decision while I was still fully solvent – not to mention sole owner of “D-mansions” (hotels), so it was sort of a saved-by-the-bell situation.

However, I had hotels on some of the pinky-purply ones, and Mrs. BRKN had several houses on all the greens, and I only lasted as long as I did because I was in jail. And jail was where I decided to die. I couldn’t have made it on the outside. Jail’s the place to be in this game, after a while.

Anyway, it was fun.

I also decided it was time to update my Author Bio on Amazon.


That is all.

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