Gee Tee Äff Oh

Day 93. 62 pages, 26,762 words.

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday.

The past 24 hours, I’ve mostly been laughing at the Finland First shitweasels being swept out of the railway station square like the trash they are.

I thought these guys were Perussuomalaiset (the main bigot-group in Finnish politics), but it turns out they’re a somehow even shittier and white-nationalistier wing of the party, so I sort of owe the Perssut an apology for sullying their good LOL I’m kidding fuck that whole pile of human garbage.

Anyway, after a Midsummer of absolutely-not-terrorism-or-probably-not-even-really-crime assaulting of passers-by and a whole Q1 of failing to clean up their shit and stop being a human centipede of mutual head-up-arseology, the Suomi Ensin crowd have finally been shown the door, which is funny because it’s a square, there are no doors.

buh_bye (1)

Oh wait, there they are. Buh bye, fuckface.

This is a welcome cup of cold water in the face not only to the bigoted-arse shitheels of this country, but also the police themselves, somewhere in the region of a third of whom were also just found to be giant racist douchepamphlets of the most basic kind. Nice to see them doing their jobs.

buh_bye (2)

I’m gonna miss them

In other news, the refugee-friendly protest and help camp on the other side of the square has been allowed to stay, because they’re law-abiding and haven’t cunted up the place.

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Stop Being Dumb

Day 92. 59 pages, 25,222 words. Didn’t get much writing done on the weekend after all. Oh well.

Today, as I stumble back into the work routine after a very pleasant four-day weekend, I would like to broadcast a small public service announcement. I saw this little piece of brilliance by Danny Casale on Facebook today, and was boundlessly amused and impressed at the elegance of the message.

I mean look at it. It’s barely even a metaphor.

Nothing much else to add today. Sorry.

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Sunday, the day after that thing I just wrote

Day 91. 57 pages, 24,081 words.

A day of relaxation (he pre-writes with breathtaking optimism), before work resumes and the after-work activities with my folks kick into their second week.

I think sometime this weekend there was meant to be a Juhannus bonfire and assorted things going on around the village, so we can go and cook some sausages and stuff.

With any luck, tomorrow I will be able to report a solid jump in my word-count … but I’m going to be busy at work, and I’m not sure how much time I will have had to write over the four-day weekend. I’ve severely de-prioritised it in the presence of a summer weekend with my girls – and my visiting parents. And even though I’m pre-writing this on Wednesday and predict that by Sunday I will be feeling pretty crabby about my writing needs, I don’t regret the decision and hope I won’t regret it much by Sunday, either.

Going into the long weekend with a positive attitude planned. I think it’s the only way through the end of June.

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Saturday, Wump’s Birthday, Midsummer 2017

Day 90. 57 pages, 24,081 words.

Back from Sweden as of this morning, expecting it to be quiet in town. I understand that today is midsummer (Juhannus), even though the summer solstice was actually a couple of days back.

It’s also the seventh birthday of my brilliant and wonderful firstborn, Wump.

Seven. Seven years old. Seven.

I mean, honestly. What the actual Hell.


Happy birthday, Wiggles.

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Day 89. 57 pages, 24,081 words.

Today we’re in Stockholm. I don’t even know what we’ll be doing so I can’t pre-write. With any luck, I’ll find a copy of Captain America: Civil War to bring home and add to our collection. I just realised we don’ seem to have it for some reason, and my parents haven’t seen it so I want to watch it with them.

Because I am a masochist, that’s why.

Anyway, that is all. Have a grand weekend, all. If I’ve done the weekend right, as we speak I am stuffed with the remains of a buffet dinner last night, a buffet breakfast this morning, and am footsore from walking around Stockholm for the day.

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Catching the Seal to Sweden

Day 88. 57 pages, 24,081 words. Entering flatline.

This afternoon, we head off – I, Mrs. Hatboy, Wump, Toop, Tinny and Grandad – to the Silja Line ferry to Sweden. We’ll be there all day tomorrow and then head home on the boat again.

Nothing much to report for the rest of the weekend, really.

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Day 87. 57 pages, 24,081 words.

Wump’s having another birthday party this evening, this time for assorted family members from across the village and across the globe.

My “summer holiday” begins today. Cruising home to help with the preparations.

Did a little lazy tweeting this morning.



Need to keep up with the tweeting and marketing as much as I can. Books keep slipping off the Amazon radars. I need to get another one out but it looks like this might take a while. Oh well, I guess I can afford to take it slow for a bit.

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